Maritime Foundation



Maritime Matters

The Maritime Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the mission of preserving and interpreting artifacts of maritime history; educating the public about maritime culture and marine ecology; and maintaining, operating, and exhibiting historic vessels.


Preservation in Progress

Christened in 1942, the F/V Sherman Zwicker is the Maritime Foundation's flagship vessel. Once part of the proud Grand Banks fleet that fished the abundant but turbulent North Atlantic, the Sherman Zwicker traded cod and salt throughout the Americas. Today she is an exceptional and rare surviving example of traditional boat-building skills and also the largest wooden vessel in New York.

Current Exhibition

Courtesy of Nancy Ralph and the New York Food Museum, Oyster City, features 19th century prints and publications documenting the early years of the New York oyster trade, and its growth into the epicenter of the global oyster market. May through October aboard the F/V Sherman Zwicker

Event Series

Maritime Foundation presents talks and events featuring thought leaders in subjects ranging from aquatic sustainability to ocean exploration to historic preservation. Recent speakers include author and New York Times contributor Paul Greenberg; Harbor School founder Murray Fisher; and landscape architect Kate Orff, winner of the 60 million dollar grant to create an oyster reef to buffer Staten Island from future storms.